Workplace Investigations

The need for impartiality and independence, a lack of time by managers and HR or the sensitivity or complexity of a matter are a few of the reasons businesses may use an external investigator. It is key that any workplace investigation not only seeks to find out what has taken place but is robust and capable of standing up to scrutiny.

I can carry out an investigation for your business. I have experience of carrying out all types of investigation, such as grievances, bullying and harassment complaints, whistleblowing allegations and disciplinary cases. My work has ranged from simple to extremely complex and sensitive investigations. I am comfortable interviewing individuals at all levels within an organisation and I am able to quickly build trust and ensure the co-operation of those individuals.

My legal training enables me to balance the need to grasp and process large amounts of information quickly whilst paying attention to detail.

On request, I am happy to provide more detail around the types of investigations I have carried out recently.